Polity Quiz 10th August 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     The comptroller and auditor general of india acts as the chief accountant and auditor for the ?  (SSC Grad. 2003)

(A)      Union Government                      (B)      State Government

(C)       Union And State Government  (D)      Neither Union and State Government

Answer (C)


Q.2     What is the period of appointment of the comptroller and auditor general of india?

(SSC Grad. 2005)

(A)      6 Years                                                                                  (B)      Upto 65 Years of age

(C)       6 years or 65 years of age whichever is earlier      (D)      upto 64 years of age

Answer (C)


Q.3     Who is the highest civil servant of the union government ?     (SSC 2006)

(A)      Attorney General             (B)      Cabinet Secretary

(C)       Home Secretary                (D)      Principle secretary to the P.M

Answer (B)


Q.4     The Attorney general of india is appointed by ?    (RRB 2006)

(A)      The president of india                 (B)      The Prime Minister

(C)       The Chief justice of india                        (D)      The UPSC

Answer (A)


Q.5     In india’ The Comptroller –general of accounts presents a detailed analytical review of union government acconts to the finance ministry every ?      (CDS 2002)

(A)      Years                                     (B)      Six Months

(C)       Three Months        (D)      Month

Answer (A)


Q.6     Who advises the government of india on legal matters?           (44th BPSC 2001)

(A)      Attorney General                         (B)      Chief justice of supreme court

(C)       Chairman, law commission        (D)      None of these

Answer (A)


Q.7     Comptroller and auditor – general of india is appointed by:     (UP PCS 2003)

(A)      President                                                                 (B)      Speaker of the lok sabha

(C)       Chairman of the planning commission          (D)      Finance minister

Answer (A)


Q.8     The attorney General of india is a legal advisor to ?        (UP PCS Main 2002)

(A)      The president of india                 (B)      The Prime Minister

(C)       Lok Sabha                                         (D)      Government of India

Answer (D)


Q.9     Who is called the guardian of public purse?           (UP PCS Main 2008)

(A)      President                 (B)      Comptroller   and auditor- general

(C)       Parliament              (D)      Council of Ministers

Answer (B)


Q.10   Which non-member cab participate in the business of either house of parliament?

(WB PCS Pre 2008)

(A)      The Vice-President                       (B)      The Solicitor General

(C)       The Attorney General                 (D)      The Chief justice of india

Answer (C)

Q.11     Which of the following standing committees of parliament has no MP from Rajya Sabha? (SSC Grad 2003)

 (A)     Public accounts committees                 (B)      Committee on public undertakings

(C)       Committee on government assurance          (D)      Estimates committee

Answer (D)


Q.12     The parliament committee which scrutinizes the report of the comptroller and auditor general of Indian is?        (SSC CPO 2009)

(A)      Estimates committee                  (B)      Select Committee

(C)       Public Account Committee        (D)      None of these

Answer (C)


Q.13     Who among the following forms the advisory committee of the parliament?

            (SBI 2008)

(A)      Speaker of Lok Sabha                   (B)      Vice-President of india

(C)       President of india                         (D)      None of these

Answer (A)


Q.14     The committee of parliament on official language comprises the members? (CDS 2003)

(A)      20 from lok sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha

(B)      10 from lok sabha and 20 from Rajya Sabha

(C)       10 from lok sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha

(D)      20 from lok sabha and 20 from Rajya Sabha

Answer (A)


Q.15     Which of the following is NOT a parliamentary committee?    (CDS 2007)

(A)      Committee on public accounts            (B)      Committee on public undertakings

(C)       Committee on Estimates                       (D)      Demands for grants committee

Answer (D)

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