Polity Quiz 09th May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1     The president of india  enjoys emergency powers of ? (SSC Grad 2007)

(A)      Two Types               (B)      Three Types

(C)       Four Types               (D)      Five Types

Answer (B)


Q.2     How many times the president of india can seek  reelection to his post ? 

(ssc tax Ass. 2008)

(A)      Once                          (B)      Two times

(C)       Three Times                        (D)      Any number of times

Answer (D)


Q.3     Which of the following appointments not made by the president of india ?

(SSC Tax asst. 2008)

(A)      Speaker of the  Lok Sabha          (B)      Chief justice of india

(C)       Chief of air staff                             (D)      Chief of  Army

Answer (A)


Q.4     What is the maximum age limit prescribed for the post of the president of india?                    

(SSC Cpo SI 2008)

(A)      58 Years                   (B)      60 Years

(C)       62 Years                   (D)      There are no maximum age limit

Answer (D)

Q.5     Rashtrapati Bhawan was designed by                    (SSC Cpo SI  2009)

(A)      Edward stone         (B)      Le Corbusier

(C)       Edwin Lutyens        (D)      Tarun Dutt

Answer (C)


Q.6     A presidential ordinance can remain force ?          (SSC Grad 2010)

(A)      For Three Months             (B)      For Six Months

(C)       For Nine Months               (D)      Indefinitely

Answer (B)


Q.7     To be eligible for election as president of Indian, a person must have completed the age of ?     (RRB Supervisor 2006)

(A)      25 years                   (B)      30 Years

(C)       35 Years                   (D)      40 Years

Answer (C)


Q.8     Who was the president of india at the time of proclamation of emergency in the year 1975?                        (CDS 2007)

(A)      V.V Giri                                 (B)      Gaini Zail singh

(C)       Fakhruddin ali Ahmad     (D)      Shankar Dayal Sharma

Answer (C)


Q.9     Under Which Article of the constitution of india can the president of india be impeached ?          (CDS 2007)

(A)      Article 61                 (B)      Article 75

(C)       Article 76                 (D)      Article 356

Answer (A)




Q.10   Who holds the power to appoint the nominees from Anglo-Indian community in the lok sabha ?         (44th  BPSC 2001 )

(A)      Minorities commission               (B)      President of india

(C)       Prime Minister                              (D)      Vice-President

Answer (B)

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