Polity Quiz 09th June 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     From the following languages listed in the eighth schedule of the constitution pick out of the one which is official language of a state?

(A)      Kashmiri        (B)       Urdu

(C)       Sindhi         (D)      Nepali                                    (SSC Grad 2002)

Answer (B)


Q.2     The item ‘Education’ belongs to the—-?

(A)      Union List                 (B)       State List

(C)       Concurrent List       (D)      Residuary List                      (SSC Grad 2004)

Answer (C)


Q.3     How many schedules the constitution of india contains?

(A)      9          (B)       10

(C)       11       (D)      12                                                       (MP PCS Pre 2010)

Answer (D)


Q.4     which article of the Indian constitution provides for the institution of panchayati

(A)      Article 36                  (B)       Article 39

(C)       Article 40                  (D)      Article 48                              (SSC Sec Off. 2006)

Answer (C)


Q.5     Article 1  of the constitution declares india as –?

(A)      Federal  State                      (B)       Quasi-Federal State

(C)       Unitary State                       (D)      Union of State                     (SSC Sec.Off 2008)

Answer (D)


Q.6     How many Article are there in the indian constitution?

(A)      395                 (B)       396

(C)       398                 (D)      399                                                     (SSC Tex Asst. 2008)

Answer (A)


Q.7     Which part of the Indian constitution deals with Fundamental Right?

(A)      Part I                          (B)       Part II

(C)       Part III                       (D)      Part IV                                               (SSC Sec. Off. 2008)

Answer (C)


Q.8     How many languages have recognized by the Constitution?

(A)      15                   (B)       18

(C)       22                   (D)      24                                                       (TN PCS Pre.2009)

Answer (C)


Q.9     Which one of the following Article of the Constitution of india has provision for the president to proclaim emergency?

(A)      Article 352               (B)       Article 355

(C)       Article 356               (D)      Article 360                                       (NDA 2004)

Answer (A)


Q.10   The Method of constitutional amendment is provided in ?

(A)      Article 348               (B)       Article 358

(C)       Article 368               (D)      Article 378                                       (UP PCS Main. 2008)

Answer (C)

Q.11   With what subject to the article 5 to 11 of the constitution of india deal?

(A)      Indian Union and its territory                 (B)       Citizenship

(C)       Fundamental Duties                                  (D)      Union Executive      (CDS 2005)

Answer (B)


Q.12   The tenth schedule of Indian constitution deals with?                                (UPSC 2014)

(A)      Anti-Defection Legislation           (B)       Panchayati Raj

(C)       Land Reforms                                  (D)      Distribution of powers between Union and State

Answer (A)


Q.13   Procedure for creation of legislative council in state has been described in which article of the constitution?

(A)      Article 69                  (B)       Article 169

(C)       Article 269               (D)      Article369                                        (UP PCS Main 2007)

Answer (B)


Q.14   Which of the constitutional provision lays down that taxes can neither be levied or collected without the authority of law?

(A)      Article 265               (B)       Article 266

(C)       Article 300               (D)      Article 368                                       (UP PCS Main. 2007)

Answer (A)



Q.15   Which provision relating to the fundamental rights is directly related to the exploitation of children?

(A)      Article 17                  (B)       Article 19

(C)       Article 23                  (D)      Article 24                                          (UP PCS Main 2009)

Answer (D)

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