Polity Quiz 08th Jan 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1   Which one of the following cases outlined the basic structure doctrine of the indian Constitution? (UP. PCS 2015)

(A)      Gopalan v/s Madras State

(B)      Golaknath v/s Punjab State

(C)       Keshavanand Bharti v/s Kerala State

(D)      None of these

Ans:- (C)

The doctrine of the basic structure of the constitution owes its evolution in the ratio of the majority judgment of the supreme court in the landmark case, Keshavanand Bharti Vs. State of Kerala 1973 which was approved by Minerva Mills Vs. Union of India 1980.

Q.2   Right to property is a? (UP. PCS 1996)

(A)      Fundamental Right                       (B)      Natural Right

(C)       Statutory Right                              (D)      Legal Right

Ans:- (D)

As the constitution was originally drafted the right to property was enshrined as a fundamental right. But in 44th amendment of the constitution, the right to property was removed as a fundamental right and a new provision was added to the constitution i.e. Article 300—A. now it is a legal Right.


Q.3   By which of the following Right to property has been omitted? (UP. U.D.A./ L.D.A. 2010)

(A)      40th Amendment               (B)      42nd Amendment

(C)       44th Amendment               (D)      46th Amendment

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.4   When was the fundamental right to property abolished? (MP. PCS 1994)

(A)      In 1978 by 44th Amendment

(B)      In 1982 by 46th Amendment

(C)       In 1973 by 31st Amendment

(D)      None of these

Ans:- (A)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.5   By which Amendment the Right to peoperty was abolished? (UP. PCS 2013)

(A)      24th                                         (B)      44th

(C)       25th                                         (D)      42nd

Ans:- (B)

The Right to peoperty has been abolished by 44th Constitutional Amendment. Now it is a legal Right.


Q.6   The 44th Amendment to the constitution of India removed the following right from the category of fundamental Rights? (UP. PCS 2014)

(A)      Freedom of Speech                      (B)      Constitutional Rights

(C)       Property                                           (D)      Freedom of Riligion

Ans:- (C)

See the Explanation of above question.


Q.7   At present in Right to property under the constitution of India is a? (UP. PCS 1992)

(A)      Fundamental Right                       (B)      Legal Right

(C)       Moral Right                                     (D)      None of the above

Ans:- (B)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.8   Right to property according to the constitution of India is a? (UK. PCS 2010)

(A)      Fundamental Right                       (B)      Directive Principle

(C)       Legal Right                                      (D)      Social Right

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.9   The “Right to Property” was deleted from the List of Fundmental Rights guaranteed to the citizens of India by? (UP. PCS 2004)

(A)      42nd Amendment                          (B)      43rd Amendment

(C)       44th Amendment                           (D)      45th Amendment

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.10   Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right? (UP. Lower Sub. 2013)

(A)      Right to Equality                           (B)      Right Against Exploitation

(C)       Right to Property                          (D)      Right to Freedom of Riligion

Ans:- (C)

At present the Right to property is a legal right viz. no person shall be deprived of his property save by authority of law under Art. 300 A, inserted by the 44th amendment. part—III of constitution related to fundamental right includes right to equality (Art. 14—18 ), Right Against Explanation (Art.23—24 ) and right to freedom of Religion (Art. 25—28 ).

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