Polity Quiz 08th Dec 2017

By: D.K Chaudhary

  • The 52nd constitutional amendment Act. 1985 is primarily related with which of the subject? –                      Defection and Desqualifications.
  • By which of the constitutional amendment the political defection was prohibited? –              – 52nd Constitutional amendment Act 1985.
  • A member elected to legislature on the ticket of a political party was prohibited of defection by which of the Constitutional amendment?                                                                 –                52nd Constitutional Amendment, Act.
  • Who was the prime minister of india at the time of enactment of the anti-defection Bill-Rajeev Gandhi
  • When the general election were held for lok sabha first time. – 1951-52.
  • In which of the state the frist non-congress government was formed?                       –       Kerala.
  • Geographically area which is the biggest constituency for parliamentary elections? –                                     Laddak (jammu and kashmir)
  • Geographically which is the smallest lok sabha constituency? – Chandni chowk (delhi)
  • To be recognized as a national political party, in how many states a political party must got recognisation? – Four states
  • When the age for casting vote in elections was reduced from 21 to 18 years in the constitution of india? – 1989
  • When do mid-term election take place? -When lok sabha is dissolved before completion of its term.
  • Which type of right is the right to vote?-
  •                                         Political right.
  • At the time of lok sabha or vidhan sabha elections, when security deposit is confiscated? – When he failed to secure even 1/6 of the total valid votes casted.
  • Which of the constitutional amendment reduced the minimum from 21 to 18 to be a votes in lok sabha and vidhan sabha election. -61th constitutional amendment 1989.

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