Polity Quiz 07th Dec 2017

By: D.K Chaudhary

  • Within which period election should be conducted if the panchayat dissolved.-6 Months
  • Which of the states first adopted panchyat Raj. –                                                           -Rajasthan.
  • In which of the list of the constitution of india panchayats have been included? –State List.
  • The Balwantray Mehra committee recommended thet panchayats should included – -Villege Block and District level panchayats.
  • Which of the states first adopted the 3-tier panchayat Raj System? -Rajasthan.
  • What has given the constitutional status to pnachayati Raj System?                                            – 73rd constitutional Amendment Act. 1992.
  • Which state has first adopted the Panchyati Raj System. – Rajasthan.
  • Which was the first state to introduce panchyati Raj System?
  • In how much time election should be held to panchyat after dissolution?  -6 Months.
  • Panchyat at intermediate level cannot be constituted in the state having population: –                                                              – Ten Lakh.
  • What is the structure of the panchyati Raj System.      Three-tier system local-self governance consisting villege, Block and district level panchyats.
  • Who was the chairman of the committee constituted to review panchyat Raj in 1997. –                                  Ashok Methta Committee.
  • Under which of the article of the constitution panchyat raj system has been introduced. –                                           – Article 40.
  • Which of the articles of the constitution of india directs the state governments to constitute villege panchyat Raj. –             Article 40.
  • Which article of the constitution provides for constitution of Panchyat Raj. –Article 40.
  • The Three-Tier panchyat Raj System Included: — Gram Sabha, Panchyat Samiti, Zila Prishad.

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