Polity Quiz 06th Dec 2017

By: D.K Chaudhary

  • Who was the first woman chief justice of High Court? – Leela Seth.
  • Who was the power to transfer a judge of the High court to other. –The president of india.
  • Which of the high court first declared ‘Strike as unconstitutional?                              – Kerala.
  • The salaries and allowances of the judges of the high courts are paid from. –                      – The consolidated Fund of State.
  • There are 18 high courts in india. –False.
  • The three of the high courts have jurisdiction over more than one state. – True.
  • The judges of high court hold their office till they attained 62 years of age. –True.
  • The procedure of removal of a judge of high court is similar to that of adopted for removal of a judge of the supreme court. – True.
  • There is a provision in the constitution of indiia that there shall be a high court for each state? –                                                 –                
  • A person who has served as a permanent judge in a high court cannot practice in any court except in high court. – False.
  • How many high court in india have jurisdiction extended to more than one state (Union territories are not included). –Two.
  • There is a common high court for Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. –True.
  • The union territory delhi has its own high court. –                                                         –           
  • Andman and Nicobar Island is covered under the jurisdiction of which of the High Court. –                                                                   -Kolkata.

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