Polity (Features of Constitutions)

By: D.K. Choudhary

Features of Constitutions

  • Which country has the largest constitution in constitution Originally? –395 Articles
  • From which of the following renders Indian constitution federal in nature? – Division of power between center and states
  • On the basis on whose relationship parliamentary and presidential from of govt. are classified? –The relationship of legislature and executive.
  • What has been emphasized under ‘plurality principle’ Of Sovereignty? – Association
  • What is the central tenant of Political Science? –State
  • Which country is called federal in form and unitary in nature? – India
  • What is the basis of classifying countries in to unitary and federal? –  Center State Relations
  • From where the Indian constitutional farmer has adopted the parliamentary form of govt? – Britain
  • In which form the Indian constitution declares india? –  Union of States
  • The government is the agent of: – State
  • What is being emphasized in the concept of equality under a liberal democracy? – Equal respect and digrity to all individuals.
  • Whose supremacy has been established under Indian political system: –Head of State is elected
  • In a federal state which type of authority is enjoyed by the state? -Authority Congered by constitution/

Constitutional authority.

  • According to which plan Indian constitution assembly was constituted? – Cabinet Mission Plan.
  • How Indian constitution declared india?-The union of states
  • Absolute sovereignty is an essential feature of: – State
  • Indian constitution derives its authority from? – The people of india.
  • From where the Indian constitution adepted federal scheme? –                                     Canada
  • One of the serious defect of federal is: – -The danger of disintegration
  • In which country ‘the system of judicial review originated?-U S.A.
  • While farming Indian constitution, we had adopted federal structure plan from: —                   U.S.A.
  • In india legitimate sovereignty is vested in: – Indian consititution
  • Government is the agency/organ of:- State
  • What is the advantage of unitary form of government:- A strong state
  • Which is the supreme law in India:- The constitution of India
  • Indian constitution describes india as:- A union of state

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