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Ukraine Gets its First Baby Girl Born Using New ‘Three-Person’ IVF Technique
i. A baby girl was born in Ukraine on January 5, 2017 using the new technique of three-person IVF called ‘pronuclear transfer’.
ii. The infant is being considered as the world’s second baby to be developed using three-person IVF technique. The world’s first baby was born Mexico in September 2016.
iii. Three-person IVF was legalised in the UK in 2015. The objective of three-person IVF is to create a child free of mitochondrial disease in cases where parents had one such disease.
♦ Capital: Kiev
♦ Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia
♦ President: Petro Poroshenko

‘One China’ policy is ‘non-negotiable’ is China’s response to Trump
i. The suggestion of the newly elected American President Donald Trump that the “One-China” policy is negotiable has been highly criticized by China. Spokesman of China’s Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said that ‘One China’ policy is non-negotiable.
ii. One China Policy means that there exists only one “China” irrespective of the fact that two government claim to be the real China . The two are People’s Republic of China (PRC, Mainland China) and Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan).
iii. The mainland China considers Taiwan as apart of Chinese territory. And as per “One-China” policy Chinese government has made it clear that they will not have diplomatic relation with the countries that have diplomatic ties with Taiwan.
iv. The US accepted the “One-China” policy in 1979 when it established diplomatic ties with China. But still The US has unofficial ties with Taiwan. This has created a situation of tension between China and The US.

Bengaluru Ranked Most Dynamic City in the World in WEF Report
i. India’s IT Hub, Bengaluru has been ranked at the top position in the 2017 City Bengaluru Ranked Most Dynamic City in the World in WEF ReportMomentum Index released by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting being held in Davos. The index identifies the most dynamic cities of the world.
ii .From India six cities have find place in top 30 most dynamic cities. Besides Bengaluru other Indian cities in the list includes Hyderabad (5), Pune (13), Chennai (17), Delhi (23) and Mumbai (25).
iii. The rankings are based on parameters such as population, technology and R&D, connectivity, output and corporate activity, education, and real estate investment.
Top 5 cities in 2017 City Momentum Index

1 Bangalore (India)
2 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
3 Silicon Valley (USA)
4 Shanghai (China)
5 Hyderabad (India)

India Ranks 78th in the Passport Index 2017
i. India has been placed at 78th position in the Passport Index 2017 with a visa-free score of 46 that was released on January 12, 2017.
ii. The Index that was launched by the global financial advisory firm Arton Capital assigns a “visa-free score” to countries based on the number of nations their citizens can visit without a visa or on arrival. It was released by
iiiGermany was placed at the top with a visa-free score of 157, Singapore and Sweden both stood second with a visa-free score of 156. Singapore overtook South Korea to become the highest ranked Asian passport.
iv. India’s Counterparts China ranked at 58th while Pakistan ranked 94th in the index. Afghanistan’s had the least powerful passport with a visa-free score of just 23.
v. For the first time the index also added a new World Openness Score which tracks the progression of freedom of mobility across the globe. It showed that the world openness score rose to 17,948 in the first few days of 2017 from 17,925 in 2016.

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