By: D.K Choudhary
US Ends Two-Decade Economic Sanction on Sudan
i. The US President Barack Obama on January 13, 2017 announced to end of a 20-year economic embargo on Sudan by lifting trade and financial sanctions to build up ties with the Sudanese government.
ii. The announcement was made based on the efforts by the Government of Sudan to improve the security in the region. However the lifting of the sanctions will be delayed by 180 days to encourage Sudan to take further actions on improving human rights, resolving political divisions and military conflicts.
iii. This will enable Sudan to receive imported goods and services from the US as well as also Sudanrelease frozen Sudanese property and assets held in the US besides permitting the trade with the oil and gas industry in Sudan.
♦ Capital: Khartoum
♦ Currency: Sudanese pound
♦ President: Omar al-Bashir

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