Indian Railway GK In English 18th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. First Railroad Trip in India -
Answer- 16 April 1853 time noon 3:35
2. Where did the first train in India go?
North: From Thane to Bombay
3. What was the distance covered by a first Indian Railways-
Answer: 34 Kilometers
4. What is the name of India's first railway tunnel?
Answer: The Parsi Tunnel
5. What is the location of Indian Railways in the world?
Answer: Second
6. What is the location of Indian Railways in Asia?
Answer - first
7. What is the name of first railway bridge in India?
North- Dapuri Viaduct (on Mumbai-Thane route)
8. Where is India's largest railway yard?
North-Mughal Sarai
9. India's most visited railway station -
Answer: Mr. Venkatanarsimharajewariapeta (Tamil Nadu)
10 India's smallest railway station-
North-IB (Orissa)
11. When did the first electric train in India go?
Answer: 3 February 1925
North: Bombay VT to Kurla
13. Which is the longest railway bridge in India?
North: Nehru Setu (100,44 feet) which is built on Son river-
14. Which is the busiest railway station in India-
Answer: Lucknow
15. What is the name of India's fastest train?
North-Shatabdi Express
16. India's oldest running engine -
Answer: Fairy Queen
17. India's most railway tunnel is C-
North- Carbuda tunnel (6.5 km) on the Konkan Railway line
18. Where is the world's longest platform?
Answer: Kharagpur (2733 feet)
19. Which is India's longest distance train?
North- Himansagar Express from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari
20. Where was the first Metro train in India?
Answer: Calcutta
21. Who is the mascot of Indian Railways?
Answer: Bholu Elephant
22. Which is the shortest distance to the Shatabdi Express?
North- New Delhi- Kalka Shatabdi Express
23. When the first Rajdhani Express was launched-
Answer: 1969 from New Delhi to Howrah
24. Where did the first Century Xpace go?
North- Jhansi from New Delhi
25. How much time was taken to complete the total journey by the first Rail in India-
Answer- 1 hour 15 minutes

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