Indian Polity Quiz 3rd January ,2017

By: D.K Choudhary
Q.1 What is the system of local self Government in the panchayati raj set up? (SSC 2013)
(1) Fourth tier system at the village Block, District, and State level
(2) Three tier Structure at village block and district level
(3) Two tier system at village and block level
(4) Single tier set up at village
Ans. (2)
Q.2 In the year 1997, an official committee was appointed t examine panchayati raj. Under the Chairmanship of? (SSC 2014)
(1) Ashok Mehta (2) Shri Ram Mehta
(3) Balvant Rai Mehta (4) Manohar Lal Mehta
Ans. (1)
Q.3 Which among the following state first introduced the panchayat raj system? (SSC 2014)
(1) Rajasthan (2) Haryana
(3) U.P. (4) Maharashtra
Ans. (1)
Q.4 The ‘Recall Provision’ to remove the elected office bearers from the local self government institution has been executed in? (SSC 2015)
(1) Bihar (2) Kerala
(3) Haryana (4) Madhya Pradesh
Ans. (4)
Q.5 A law can be enacted, or executive order issued, even contrary to article 19, during proclamation of emergency? (SSC 2001)
(1) Caused by war of external aggression
(2) Caused by internal armed rebellion
(3) Caused by constitutional breakdown
(4) Caused by financial crisis
Ans. (1)
Q.6 The Preamble of the Indian constitution was for the first time amended by the? (SSC 2001)
(1) 24th Amendment (2) 42th Amendment
(3) 44th Amendment (4) None of these
Ans. (2)
Q.7 The following article of the Indian constitution abolished the practice of untouchability? (SSC 2002)
(1) Article 14 (2) Article 18
(3) Article 17 (4) Article 19
Ans. (3)
Q.8 From the following languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the constitution pick out the one which is the official language of a State? (SSC 2002)
(1) Kashmiri (2) Urdu
(3) Sindhi (4) Nepali
Ans. (1)
Q.9 Article 243 of the constitution of India inserted by a constitutional amendment deals with which of the following? (SSC 2003)
(1) Extending the benefits of Reservation on the basis of Mandal commission Recommendations
(2) Land Reforms
(3) To include Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali in the List of official Languages
(4) Panchayati Raj System.
Ans. (4)
Q.10 What is the maximum period upto which a proclamation issued by the President under Article 356 if the Constitution and approved/ extended by the parliament may, normally remain in force? (SSC 2003)
(1) Six Months (2) One Year
(3) Two Years (4) Unit is repealed by the Parliament
Ans. (2)

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