GK Quiz 9th June 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

1. The Pradhan mantri Adarsh gram yojana was initially implemented in?
Answer: Rajasthan

2. Metal Present in chlorophyll?
Answer: Magnesium

3. Indian sports research institute is located at ?
Answer: Patiala

4.In which city the first “Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things” (COEIOT) was started?
Answer: Bangaluru

5.Which Indian state started Saraswati river project?
Answer: Haryana

6. Chandigarh rock garden was built by ?
Answer: Nek Chand

7. Hiroshima day is celebrated on?
Answer: August 6

8.Who discovered Radium?
Answer: Mary curie

9.Which day is celebrated as ozone day?
Answer: 16 September

10. GST(Goods and service tax) is set to be introduced by the Union government on?
Answer: 2017 july 1

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