GK Quiz 8th September 2016 (English)

GK Quiz 8th September 2016 (English)

By: DK Choudhary

Q 1. Caledonian orogenic movements are related to

(a) Late Jurassic and early cretaceous period

(b) Late Silurian and early Devonian period

(c) Middle Triassic period

(d) Late Devonian and early Carboniferous period

Ans. (b)

Q 2. A landform developed by the process of deposition occurring towards the centre of intermontane  basins in arid or semi-arid regions is know as ?

(a) Pediment                 (b) Bajada

(c) Playa                         (d) Peneplain

Ans. (c)

Q 3. Eskers are of glacio-fluvial origin. Which one of the following statements characterize them ?

(a) They are long, narrow and sinuous ridges of sands

(b) They are small, irregular mounds of bedded sands

(c) They are small alluvial cones

(d) They are flat-topped terraces

Ans. (a)

Q 4. A lens-shaped igneous intrusion situated beneath an anticlinal fold or in the base of their hardness ?

(a) Lapolith                    (b) Lacolith

(c) Phacolith                  (d) Batholith

Ans. (c)

Q 5. How is the rectilinear drainage pattern formed where two sets of structurall controls occur at right angles, termed ?

(a) Rectangular             (b) Radial

(c) Dendritic                  (d) Trellis

Ans. (d)

Q 6. How is the amount of horizontal displacement in a normal fault called ?

(a) Throw                       (b) Tear

(c) Heave                       (d) Strike

Ans. (c)

Q 7. Which one of the following types of spurs is typically associated with valley glaciers ?

(a) Interlocking             (b) Juxtaposed

(c) Overlapping             (d) Truncated

Ans. (d)

Q 8. Which one of the following is not a landform, which results due to rejuvenation of a river ?

(a) Incised meander    (b) Knick point

(c) Oxbow lake             (d) River terrace

Ans. (c)



Q 9. When river is overloaded with fine sediments and river water is lighter than the seawater, which type of delta is formed ?

(a) Arcuate delta          (b) Bird-foot delta

(c) Truncated delta      (d) estuarine delta

Ans. (b)

Q 10. The term ‘truncated spur’ is associated with which one of the following ?

(a) Aeolian process      (b) fluvial process

(c) Glacial process        (d) Weathering process

Ans. (c)

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