GK Quiz, 21st May 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

1. Which is the Land of the Rising Sun?
A. Japan
B. Australia
C. China
D. Taiwan
Answer : A. Japan

2. The largest ocean in the world is
A. The Indian Ocean
B. The Antarctic
C. The Atlantic Ocean
D. The Pacific Ocean
Answer : D. The Pacific Ocean

3. Kalahari Desert is in
A. India
B. Chile
C. South Africa
D. Saudi Arabia
Answer : C. South Africa

4. Mica is available abundantly in
A. Bihar
B. Haryana
C. Karnataka
D. Rajasthan
Answer : A. Bihar

5. Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?
A. Rice
B. Wheat
C. Sugarcane
D. Maize
Answer : A. Rice

6. The value of Gold is determined in
A. Rome
B. Washington
C. Teheran
D. London
Answer : D. London

7. The state which has the largest number of sugar mills in India is
A. Bihar
B. Haryana
C. Punjab
D. Uttar Pradesh
Answer : D. Uttar Pradesh

8. First University in India was founded at
A. Bombay
B. Chennai
C. Calcutta
D. Delhi
Answer : C. Calcutta

9. Tajmahal is on the banks of
A. Ganges
B. Jamuna
C. Tapti
D. Cauvery
Answer : B. Jamuna

10. The currency notes are printed in
A. New Delhi
B. Nasik
C. Nagpur
D. Bombay
Answer : B. Nasik

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