GK Quiz 12th September 2016 (English)

GK Quiz 12th  September 2016 (English)

By: DK Choudhary

Q  1. The longest river of Europe is ?

(a) Rhine                       (b) Rhone

(c) Danube                    (d) Volga

Ans. (d)

Q  2. What percentage of world’s freshwater is stored as glacial ice ?

(a) 50%                          (b) 10%

(c) 70%                           (d) 30

Ans. (c)

Q  3. Which of the following rivers crosses the equator two times ?

(a) Cango River             (b) Amazone River

(c) Niger River               (d) Nile River

Ans. (a)

Q  4. Sunda Trench is in ?

(a) Indian Ocean          (b) Pacific Ocean

(c) Atlantic Ocean        (d) Arctic Ocean

Ans. (a)

Q  5. The challenger rise is located in ?

(a) The Pacific ocean   (b) The Indian ocean

(c) The Arctic ocean     (d) The Atlantic ocean

Ans. (d)

Q  6. Which of the following oceans does not have a north south submarine ridge ?

(a) Indian ocean           (b) Atlantic ocean

(c) Arctic ocean            (d) Pacific ocean

Ans. (d)

Q  7. An Atoll is ?

(a) a ring  shaped islands with a lagoon at the centre

(b) a lake in glaciated mountains

(c) a lake in the craters

(d) a lagoon along the shores

Ans. (a)



Q  8. The ‘Water table’ refers to ?

(a) The lower limit of the zone of saturation

(b) The upper limit of the zone of saturation

(c) The contact zone of permeable and impermeable rocks

(d) Seepage of water into fissures lying below the earth’s surface

Ans. (b)

Q  9. Which is the smallest among the following water bodies ?

(a) Arctic Sea                 (b) Hudson Sea

(c) Japan Sea                 (d) Okhotsk Sea

Ans. (c)

Q  10. The largest reserves of fresh water on the Earth’s surface in ?

(a) North America        (b) South America

(c) Russia                       (d) Africa

Ans. (a)

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