GK Question, in English 1st may 2017

 BY: D.K Choudhary

Question: (1) What is India’s GDP growth rate in 2017-18?
Ans:- 7.4% (According to Asian Development Bank).

Question: (2) When cycling federation of India was established?
Ans:- 1946.

Question: (3) When the movie ‘Raees’ Released in India?
Ans:- 25 January 2017.

Question: (4) When India’s first cricket club was established?
Ans:- 1792 In Calcutta.

Question: (5) When India national football team was established?
Ans:- 1937.

Question: (6) Who is the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (India State)?
Ans:- Pema Khandu (Since July 2016).

Question: (7) Who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand?
Ans:- Bill English (Since 12 December 2016).

Question: (8) Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
Ans:- Justin Trudeau.

Question: (9) Currently who is the Prime minister of Pakistan?
Ans:- Nawaz Sharif Since 2013.

Question: (10) What is the full form of ISI Pakistan and when it was established?
Ans:- Inter Services Intelligence (Established in 1948).

Question: (11) Currently who is the Chief Minister of Goa (State of India)?
Ans:- Manohar Parrikar.

Question: (12) Where is ‘Dudhsagar Waterfall’ in India?
Ans:- At border of the Indian state of Goa and Karnataka.

Question: (13) In India how many people daily use the Internet daily?
Ans:- Above 340 Million (Rank 2 in the world).

Question: (14) Currently who is the Chief minister of Assam?
Ans:- Sarbananda Sonowal (Since 2016).

Question: (15) Who is the current President of Bharatiya Janata Party?
Ans:- Amit Shah (Indian politician from Gujarat).

Question: (16) What is the height of Siachen Glacier at eastern Karakoram range in the Himalaya Mountains?
Ans:- 5400 Metre.

Question: (17) Currently who is the governor of madhya pradesh (State of India)?
Ans:- Om Prakash Kohli (Since 8 September 2016).

Question: (18) Recently US drop its most powerful non-nuclear bomb (MOAB – ‘Mother Of All Bombs’) at where?
Ans:- An ISIS positions in Afghanistan.

Question: (19) Which schemes launched for bhim app user by PM Narendra Modi on Apr 14, 2015, Ambedkar Jayanti?
Ans:- BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme and BHIM Merchant Cashback Scheme.

Question: (20) In 2017 which Space Agency sends 104 satellites in a single mission?
Ans:- ISRO.

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