Gk Question Answer 14th Jan 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Anti-Tank Missile ‘NAG’ was successfully test fired by DRDO at where?
Ans: Western sector of Rajasthan.
2. Dubai Police in news headlines because of?
Ans: Recruited world’s first Robocop.
3. The office of the prime minister of India is created by?
Ans: By the constitution.
4. In 1969 how many banks were nationalized?
Ans: 14.
5. What do you mean by ‘URL’ on internet?
Ans: Universal Resource Locator.
6. Name the bank name which is the Banker to the Central Government?
Ans: Reserve Bank of India.
7. CCTNS Project (Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems) proposed by whom?
Ans: Union Home Ministry’s.
8. What is the role of ROM in computer?
Ans: Its a permanent memory built into computer.
9. ‘Digital Gold’ scheme first launched in India by whom?
Ans: ‘Paytm’ an Indian payment and commerce company.
10. What is the deuterium oxide?

Ans: It is Heavy water.

11. The CPU and memory are located in the computer at where?
Ans: Motherboard.
12. When Good and Service Tax (GST) launched in India?
Ans: Since 1 July 2017.
13. Name the metal pollute the air of a big cities?
Ans: Lead.
14. Sputnik I was what in history?
Ans: World’s first artificial satellite.
15. Raisina Dialogue (2nd) held at where?
Ans: New Delhi.
16. Name the factor is most directly related to the level of economic development of a country?
Ans: Urbanization.
17. India joined the United Nation in which year?
Ans: 1945.
18. FTP in computer means what?
Ans: File transfer protocol.
19. Vast resources of un-utilised natural gas can be used in which type of production?
Ans: Fertilizers.
20. Name the 21st Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India?
Ans: Achal Kumar Jyoti.
21. 200 Solar-Powered ATMs commissioned by which bank in India?
22. Ozone hole refers to what?
Ans: Decrease in thickness of ozone layer (in stratosphere).
23. Which is hardest substance found on the Earth?
Answer: Diamond.
24.‘The Sundance Kid’ is the nickname of whom?
Ans: Jim Kiick (American football player).
25. 18th Grand Slam title won by whom?
Ans: Roger Federer.

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