GK Question and Answer 10th March 2018 In Hindi

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Which state women team has won the National Tennis Championship 2018 trophy? – Maharashtra

 2. How many medals have been won by the Indian wrestlers in Asian wrestling championship held in Kyrgyzstan? – 8

3. Which Bollywood actor has recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the UK? – Shatrughan Sinha

 4. Which country’s Olympic membership has been restored by the International Olympic Committee? – Russia

 5. Which Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court was awarded ‘Women Power Award’ on 08 March 2018? –

Geeta Mittal

 6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the National Nutrition Mission from which place in India? – Jhunjhunu 

7. In recent years, the life expectancy of 65 years of age is estimated to be less than two months before the first time? – England 

8. Which state government has introduced ‘Ama village, Ama Vikas’ program? – Odisha

 9. Which country’s spinner Rashid Khan became the youngest captain of international cricket history at 19 years and 165 days? – Afghanistan 

10. After the war with which country in 1975, the United States has sent its aircraft carrier for the first time in this country? – Vietnam 

11. In which country was the first women marathon competition organized? – Saudi Arab 

12. Which Peninsula recently released its own crypto currency? – martial 

13. According to the announcement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which airline did Saudi Arabia allow the use of its airspace? – Air India 

14. What is the name of a person of Indian origin who will be awarded the Pride of Birmingham Award? – Harry Atwal 

15. Krishna Kumari has become the first Hindu woman to be elected as senator (Rajya Sabha MP) in which country? – Pakistan 

16. What is the estimated GDP growth rate in India this year? – 7.2%

 17. What is the name of the sixteen year old shooter who recently won the gold medal in ISSF? – Manu bread 

18. Who has achieved the first place in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world? – Jeff Bezos 

19. Who has been recently honored with the V. Shantaram Lifetime Achievement Award? – Shyam Benegal 

20. Which state government has recommended amendment in the Master Plan 2021? – Delhi 

21. Which country has become the 12th largest foreign holder of US government securities in the year 2017? – India 

22. Which chess player has recently won the Taal Memorial Rapid Chess? – Viswanathan Anand 

23. The headquarters of the Indian Animal Welfare Board has been shifted from Chennai to which state? – Haryana 

25. Which Indian player has won the first gold medal in ISSF Shooting World Cup held in Guadalajara, Mexico? – Shahzar Rizvi 

26. Who has recently been appointed as the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve? – Jerome Powell 

27. Which airport was recently declared the world’s number one airport in terms of service quality? – IGI Airport 

28. Which state government recently announced the introduction of the Widower Pension Scheme? – Haryana 

29. Which research done by the University found that the sun gets heat from magnetic waves? – Queens University Belfast 

30. Which country has recently decided to set the age of 15 years of sex with consent? – France

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