GK in English 5th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1- Which is the world's highest volcano?
2- What was the development of Gandhar Art during the Kushan period?
3- What is the name of the disease caused by cadmium pollution? Iti-Iti
4- Who is the best juice to be considered?
5-'Reader Cup 'is related to which game?
6- Which of the effects is greater in the formation of 'Jwar-Bhata'?
7- What was the most important attack in the attacks of Mahmood Gajawani? Invasion of Somnath
8- What is the address used in the website? URL
9- What energy is there in the key clock? Potential energy

10- 'Konica Cup' belongs to which game? Badminton

11- Who was the President of India during the Proclamation of Emergency in 1976? Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
12- What happens in the Airbag used for the safety of the car driver? Sodium azide
13- Who is the highest percentage of retail credit in India?
14- In which field is Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award for excellence? Science and Technology
15- What is the right to education for children of 6 to 14 years as a basic right by which clause?
Paragraph 21A
16- Where is the famous 'idol of Gomateshwar' established? Shravanabelagola (Karnataka)
17 - What was known as 'Chandragupta II' and 'Vikramaditya'?
18-In which place was the body of Sanat Kabir sacrificed?
19- Who is the author of the popular books like 'My Name Is Trade' 'Snow', 'The Black Book'?
20- What was the tenure of Eleventh Five Year Plan? 2007 to 2012
21- 'Shant Valley' is located in which state?
22- Where is the 'Jagannath temple' located? Puri (Odisha)
23- Whose control does the public hold on public expenditure? The Comptroller and Auditor General
24- Chinese traveler phahyan came to India during his reign? Chandragupta II
25- Who has written the book 'The Test of My Life'? Yuvraj Singh

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