GK in English 2nd April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1- What is the name of the port situated on the eastern coast of India? Paradip and Haldia
2- Which company launched 3G mobile telecommunications service for the first time in the world? NTT DoCoMo, Japan
3- What is the production of silk? From the larva of silk pest
4- What is the national income divided by dividing the income per person?
5- Who was the first Portuguese to come to India?
6- Where is the first disabled university of Uttar Pradesh located?
7- Who is the creator of 'Urvashi'? Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
8- Which organization is assessed by national income generators in India? Central Statistical Organization
9- Who is the 'Lady with the Lamp' nicknamed Florence Nightingale?
10- What type of substance is 'carbon airgel'? The world's lightest substance
11- Where's the folk dance of 'garba'? Gujrat
12- Who removed the Greeks from India? Chandragupta Maurya
13- Where did the Conte-16 conference be held for better protection of extinct species?
14-Who was the first Governor of Uttar Pradesh? Sarojini Naidu
15- What is the Indian Standard Time based on? 80.30 'East Longitude 
16- Which metal was first used by humans? Copper
17- Which is the most important part of the CPU? Control unit 
18- Where is the organizing of the Lattathmar Holi on the occasion of Holikotsav in Uttar Pradesh? In Barasana 
19- 'My Best Game of Chase' is a chess player's famous book? Viswanathan Anand 
20- What was the first time in the five year plan for poverty eradication? fifth 
21- When did Lok Adalats start in Uttar Pradesh?1987
22- 'Karma' is a dance form of which tribe? Kharwar
23- What type of arrangement is in the brakes engaged in auto-driven trains? Hydraulic
24- What is the largest commercial bank in the country? State Bank of India
25- If the Prime Minister or any other minister is not a member of the House, then how much time is it necessary to become
 a member of Parliament to remain in office for 6 months?

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