GK in English 1st April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
Question (1) What is the help of puberty?
Answer: - In generating more options for plant products

Question 2) Where Brahmos missiles are assembled this time?
Answer: - In Hyderabad.

Question (3) What do you mean by mixed accounts?
Answer: - Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Question (4) Why does the person inside the artificial satellite feel weightless?
Answer: Because the force of attraction of the Earth is zero at that place.

Question (5) What type of expenditure does the expenditure on advertising and public relations by an entrepreneur?
Answer: - Intermediate consumption. 
Question (6) Which emperor is the Ehol inscription?
Answer: - Pulakeshin- ||

Question (7) Where is the concept of concurrent list taken from the Indian Constitution?
Answer: - From Australia

Question (8) What is the neuron?
Answer: - The basic unit of tantric system.

Question (9) What are the nutrients of the seeds of higher plants?
Answer: - Endosperm.

Question (10) Who removes the function of the brain tank of sewage treatment?
Answer: - Oil and fatty substances.
Question (11) What is the meaning of heating an ore in the absence of air to heat it from its melting point?
Answer: - Tyson

Question (12) Whose example is the Himalaya mountain range?
Answer: - Falat Mountains.

Question (13) The quantity of monopoly power is measured?
Answer: - As both the firm's general benefits and preferential benefits

Question (14) What is known as 'Severe boundary poison'?
Answer: - Bicinosis.

Question (15) Saliva is helpful in digestion?
Answer: - Starch.
Question (16) Where is Sopan agriculture?
Answer: - On the slopes of mountains.

Question (17) Which area of ​​India is highly uneven farming?
Answer: - In the Deccan Plate

Question (18) What is a Spirit Spirit?
Answer: - Methil Alcohols

Question (19) What is the functional unit of kidney?
Answer: - Nephron.

Question (20) What is the mixture of steam angar gas?
Answer: - Carbon monoxide and hydrogen

Question (21) Which house for NASA's Juno mission is?
Answer: - Jupiter.
Question (22) What principle is based on the mechanism of the rocket?
Answer: - Momentum Protection

Question (23) Yellow spots on seat leaves are due to lack of?
Answer: - Magnesium.

Question (24) What does the most polluted air in big cities?
Answer: - Lead.

Question (25) In which country is the Mongia Port located?
Answer: - Bangladesh.

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