GK In English  17th March 2018

GK In English  17th March 2018
By: D.K Chaudhary
  1. The cathode ray is

Ans: – Stream of electrons

  1. Who determines the chemical properties of an element

Ans: – The number of electrons

  1. Equilibrium load of any element and productivity of connectivity is equal to

Ans: – Nuclear load

  1. The control over the molecular orbit is controlled by

Ans: – Magnetic Quantum Number

  1. Atomic number of atom of an element is 17 and mass is 36, its number of nitrians in nucleus is

Ans: – 19

  1. Whose sum is the mass

Ans: – Proton and Neutron

7. When an element has more than one mass number of atom, then what does it say?

Ans: – Isotope
8. Isotope should have chemical properties
Ans: – Same
9. The number of the atom is calculated by the atomic number of atom
Ans: – Proton
10. What is electron anti-particle
Ans: – Positron
11. Which of the steel, brass, bronze, and copper materials commonly used is not an alloy
Ans: – Copper
12. Whistle Whose Molecule Is
Ans: – copper and tin
13. Which of the metals in iron, aluminum, silver and copper have maximum heat conductivity?
Ans: – Silver
14. Which of the metals is the heaviest of gold, silver, iron and copper?
Ans: – Gold
15. Which fuse wire is made of alloy
Ans: – Teen and Lead
16. Which of the zinc, glass, carbons and ribs stiffness stainless steel?
Ans: – Carbon
17. What is the process of manufacturing iron with iron ore
Ans: – depraction
18. Who gave the atomic theory of substance
Ans: – Dalton
19. Which two basic forces can make attractive forces between two neutrons
Ans: – Gravitational and Nuclear
20. When the enclosure between the two atoms is formed then the energy of the system (community)
Ans: – decreases
21. The atomic element number 29 belongs to
Ans: -d-Block
22. What is the same number of protons but the atoms with different numbers of neutrons are called
Ans: – Isotopes
23. What is the nucleol plate with the same atomic numberAns: – Isotopes
24. What is the value of movement number
Ans: – 6.023 × 10²³
25. The chemical behavior of an atom depends on
Ans: – On the number of protons in its nucleus 

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