GK in English 16 अप्रैल 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1 The king of Ashtavin was related to which king?
Krishna Deva Rai

2 The famous author of the book 'Ul Hindi'?
Al baruni

3 A famous policy of land revenue system in the period of Akbar
A. Which method was created by?

4 The first historian of the 19th Century who wrote about the feudal system of Rajasthan, who was he?
Colonel Jams Todd

5 Which is the famous ruler of Mewad who had repaired the fort of Achalgad?
Maharana Kumbha

6 Famous historians of Rajasthan who were also a social reformer?
Harbillas Sharda
7 Which of these deities is the tallest in the Indian folk literature?
Mr. Mallinath

Which ruler of a state of Rajasthan who played a key role in the establishment of the Banaras Hindu University?

Maharana Fateh Singh Udaipur (financially supported)

9 Rajasthan was created on 25 March 1948. Made the head of the house
Mahaarav kota

10 The first three universities in India were established in Calcutta, Madras, Bombay.
In 1857 (according to the provision of Charles Woods Dispatch)
11 In the 1924 session of the Indian National Congress, only once was presided by Mahatma Gandhi? Where did this convention happen?
In Belgaum (the agreement between Swarajist and anti-conversion was also approved in this case)

12 Where was the Resolution of the Quit India movement passed by the Congress Working Committee on 14 July 1942?
In Wardha

13 were the greatest Parsi social reformers of the 19th century?
Bahramji M. Mallbarari

14 Which of the following animals is protected by Sariska and Ranthambhore?
15 Is the main agro material import item in India?
edible oil

16 Exclude the unbalanced product from the following

17 Recently the merger of Bank of Rajasthan has been done, with any of these banks

ICICI (As announced on May 18, 2010 by Rajasthan Bank)

18 The first co-operative society in Rajasthan was established in 1905?
In Bhimai, Ajmer district

According to animal count 2003, Rajasthan has animal density and the highest animal density district
150 and Bammere

20 Dhaaman, Chad and Anjan?
Grass varieties in Rajasthan
21 Bhawadi Kahani was still in news
Reasons for St. Gobain Glass Factory

22 National Ayurveda Institute, which is the autonomous body of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
In Jaipur

23 India has been the biggest recipient of financial closure from World Bank till June 2010


24 India's Biosphere Reserve is a recent addition to the reserve. Which is the latest from the following list
Cold Desert

25 One of the following is not correct (Regarding the new investment policy)
The preliminary policy was implemented in 2008.

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