GK in English 13th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Which Indian languages ​​are spoken maximum in Hindi?
2. What types of countries work for tonic for light inflation? For developing countries
3. In which paragraph is the provision of the formation of Panchayat described? Article 40
4. Which mirror is used in a solar cooker?
5. Where are the world's longest submerged Kenyan? In the Bering Sea
6. When was Mahavira born? 540 BC In
7. What is the third research center in India in Antarctica? Bharti
8. Who stopped Sati with the help of Lord William Bentinck? Raja Ramohan Roy
9. What are the compositions of 'Kadambari' and 'Parvati Parineay'?
10. How many epics is written in the Mahabharata? 18 festivals
11. What is the acceptance of Goddess Lakshmi on coins of Muslim ruler? Muhammad Ghori
12. What is the state which produces the largest coconut in India? Kerala
13. According to the Indian Constitution, what is the basis of 'political power'?
14. When was the Saraswati Award started?
15. In any state, the maximum number of periods under which Government can be imposed under article 356 for 3 years
16. What is the minimum age limit for the post of President? 35 years
17. What is the old name of Sri Lanka? Ceylon
18. What type of root is found in sugarcane?
19 What is the color of Saturn 'Titan'? Orange
20. What is the substance that is made of the same type of atoms? Element
21. When is 'National Book Week' celebrated on November 14-20?
22. When is the celebration day of Jharkhand celebrated on November 15
23. What is the solution of sugar in solution of sugar? Samang mixture
24. Who built the 'carousel palace'? Hushangshah
25. In which area is the 'Lescography' relation? By combining dictionary

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