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GK In  English 10th May 2018

 By: D.K Chaudhary

1. National Sports Day is celebrated. – August 29 

2. International Human Rights Day is celebrated. – December 10 

3. Who built the Anasagr. – Arunoraj 

4. Who built the fort of Bundi. – Rajanagr Singh 
5. Was the founder of Tughlaqabad. – Gyasudin TUGHLAQ 
6. Who built the palace in Kota Jagmohan. – Prince Brajkumar
7. Who Dolpur palace was built in Kanpur. – Jahan 
8. Which ruler set up the first Public Works Department. – Feroz Shah Tughlaq 
9. Who built the caves of Ajanta. – The Secret Rulers 
10. Who built the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. – Sultan Gyasuddin 
11. Bari in Udaipur of friends who had made. – Maharana Fateh Singh 
12. Who built the palace in Bundi umbrella. – Queen Chhatrashal 
13. Kalinga Prize which is given to the region. – In science 
14. Saraswati is honored to contribute to the area. – Literature in the field of 
15. What is Man of Destiny. – Napoleon Bonaparte
16. What is the Grand Man of the UK. – Gladstone 
17. Kviguru who is known by that name. – Rabindranath Tagore 
18. What is an Indian Shakespeare. – Mahakvi Kalidas 
19. Who is Who is the father of Gujarat. – Ravi Shankar Maharaj 
20. Parrot is known as e-Hind. – Amir Khusrau 
21.Who built the tomb Atmaduddula. – Noor Jahan 
22. Who built Charminar in Hyderabad. – Porter Kutubshah 
23. Who built the tomb of Akbar. – Jahangir 
24. The proposal has full discretion in how the session. – Lahore session of the Congress 
25. When the Congress Party split, soft and warm. – 1907 

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