GK In English 09th May 2018

 By: D.K Chaudhary
1. A piece of ice is floating in a vessel filled with water, the water level of the vessel will remain unchanged after melting the entire ice
2. A girl is swinging swing, if another girl comes to her, then the rotation of the swing - will remain unchanged
3. If the fan is running in a room then the temperature of the room air - will increase
4. If the door of the refrigerator kept in the room is opened, the room temperature will rise -
5. Magnetism will be destroyed when he heats a magnet
6. When an object is calibrated then it loses electron
7. The value of gravitational acceleration decreases when moving up or down from the Earth's surface -
8. If the movement of the object is half done then kinetic energy - one fourth will be left
9. The value of gravitational acceleration increases when moving from the equator to the poles -
10. When the glass rod is rubbed with silk, then the rod gets cleared
11. If there were no atmosphere on earth then the period of the day would be less
12. When water falls from the height of the waterfall, its heat - increases
13. Iron on the rust, its weight-increases 
14. Who discovered the law of floating theory - Archimedes
15. If the length of the simple pendulum is increased by 4% then its frequency - 2% will increase
16. When an object is dropped from the top, then its weight is variable.
17. When pressure is increased in the character of a gas, then what effect will it have on its mass - the mass will remain stable
18. What is the impact on the atmospheric pressure due to heightening - decreases
19. Melting point of ice on increasing pressure - on which principle does the rocket work - on the principle of momentum conservation
20. The velocity of sound is highest - in solid
21. Which gas is used in the electric bulb - of inert gases
22. One horse power is similar - 746 watts
23. What does the color of the sky look like from the satellite to astronauts - black

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