GK in English 09th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1- Where is the headquarters of the World Economic Forum?
2- Who is the inventor and inventor of www? Timbernars Lee
3- Informal education scheme started in Uttar Pradesh? In
4- Whose mix of 'German silver' is? Copper, zinc and nickel
5- Who is the tissue known as 'consciousness tissue'?
6- Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee?
7-The rule of nomination of Rajya Sabha members by the President was taken from the constitution of which country?
United States of america
8- What is the operation of debt control in India? Reserve Bank of India
9- Who is called "the roof of the world"?
10- Where is the 'Pushkar Mela' organized? Ajmer
11- When did the second war of Panipat occurred in 1556 AD? In
12- 'Vigilant sky-2012' is the name of the combined military exercise between which countries? NATO-Russia
13- Where is the first ultra high voltage transformer installed in India by BHEL?
14- 1920 AD in Uttar Pradesh Where was the establishment of the Indian Council of Art in Varanasi?
15- Which is the largest living mammal? Blue whale
Who is the author of 16-Autobiography 'The Indian Struggle'? Subhash Chandra Bose
17- How many schedules are there currently in the Indian Constitution?
18- Which river creates 'Delta of Sundervan'? Ganga-Brahmaputra
19-Mallika Sarabhai is connected to which place? Classical dance
20- Where is the tomb of Sher Shah? Sasaram
21- Genghis Khan pursued Jalawuddin, under whose rule did India's borders invade? Iltutmish
22- Which electromagnetic waves are used by Bluetooth to exchange data between short distances? Radio waves
23- What is the use of a person suffering from near-sight defects in the glasses? Concave lenses
24- Which gas is used in the production of vegetable ghee? Hydrogen
25- Who is the relation of the third schedule of Indian Constitution? By oath and affirmation

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