GK in English 08th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary
1- The father of Indian cinema "Dada Saheb Phalke" is considered
2- The first battle of Panipat was between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi in 1526 AD.
3- Shivalik mountain ranges are located in the northeast part of the state of Haryana
4- Finance Commission submits its recommendation to the President
5- Sound speed is the highest
6- Beekeeping is known as "epiculture"
7- The invention of the drug of polio was done by "Jonas Salk"
8- Headquarters of SAARC is located in Kathmandu, Nepal
9- "Periscope" is used to see the surface of the ocean from the submarine
10- There are five spheres in the flag of the Olympic games.
11- "Hudhud" cyclone came to Andhra Pradesh
12- Acetic acid is called "vinegar" in ordinary language
13-Coal is a fossil fuel
14- green plants are the first nutrient level
15- "Chipko" movement was started for the tree. It was led by Sunderlal Bahuguna
16- Scheme called "e-Cooperation" has been started by the Income Tax Department.
17- "Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment" Act was started in the year 2005.
18- One megabyte (MB) contains 1024 kilobytes (KB)
19- The full name of the HTTPS is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol"
20- Tawa river is a river of river Narmada.
21- Temple of Khajuraho is called the pilgrim center of sculpture
22- Andhra Pradesh state was formed on the basis of language first in India.
23- Number of exempt members in District Organizing Committee is 3
24- India's first national park is "Jim Corbett National Park"
25- The painkiller claim "pencil" was invented by "Alexander Fleming"

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