GK  In English 07th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Who invented the LASER? - T. H. Maamon
2. Which instrument uses sound waves to measure the depth of the ocean? - Sonar
3. With which caustic soda is boiled and soap is prepared? - Fat
4. What is the basic principle of operating the battery? - Acid based interactivity
5. What is the device used for measuring wind and velocity? -Enemometer
6. What is the company that invented transistor radio? - Sony
7. What color combination is most convenient during day and night? - Red and green
8. On which day is National Science Day celebrated? - On 28th February
9. While hiding the ball, a cricketer lowers his hand to reduce whom - impulse
10. Smog is a common pollutant in those places where there is excessive SO2 in the air.
11. When the two cubes of ice are pressed on one another, then what is the reason for them being united? - Covalent attraction
12. What is the use of the coil-tube (tubes) to generate - X-rays
13. Which is mainly used for providing controlled power? - Junction diode
14. In what process is the source of energy of the Sun? - Nuclear fusion
15. What is the most successful method for switching gas into a liquid? - Low temperature and high pressure
16. Who created the 'Ballistic Mill Seil'? - Barnar van Brown
17. Which state of India is ahead in the production of sulfur? - Tamilnadu
18. Which principles / rules apply to the causation of hydraulic brakes in automobile (motorcars) - Pascal Rule
19. Which substance is often used in froorscent tubes? - Plant vapor and organ
20. What is the part of the eye in which there is a pigment that determines the color of the eyes of a person? - choroid (choroid)
21. Why is the wall of a dam wide enough on the foundation (base)? - It can combust pressure in horizontal plane (horizontal plane)
.22. What is the essential element for converting solar energy into electrical energy? - Silicon 
23. Doordarshan (TV) has sound signals - frequency modulat 
24. Why is the red light used for the signal? - Because there is low scattering in the medium 
25. Woolen clothes protect the body from the cold, because they are the helper of heat.

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