GK In English 01st May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

 1. Which gas comes out from marsh land? – methane
2. Which acid in the muscles gets exhausted? - lactic acid
3. What acid is found in grapes? - Tartric acid
4. Cancer is called the study of diseases - Organogenology
5. What is the longest cell in the human body? - nerve cell
6. What is the main form of the teeth made of? - Danteine
7. Which of the creatures is like a foot slippers? - Paramicium
8. How many eyes are there to earthworm? - not even one
9. Which carrot is the rich source of vitamins? - Vitamin A
10. Which of the following is not found in protein? - Rice
11. How many grams are human brains? - 1350
12. The metal found in the blood is - iron
13. Examples of fermentation are: - Beating of milk, becoming food bread, sour of wet flour
14. Which of the following diet provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the human body? - cottage cheese
15. Which of the following is a flying lizards? - Draco

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