G.S Quiz 16th August 2016 (English)

G.S Quiz 16th August 2016 (English)

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1     Who was the first European to to designate Aryan as a race? (SSC 2006)

(A)      Wiliam Jonse                      (B)      H.H Wilson

(C)       Max Miller                          (D)      General Cunningham

Ans (C)

Q.2     The staple food of the Vadic Aryan was? (SSC 2008)

(A)      barley and rice                   (B)      milk and its products

(C)       rice and pulses                   (D)      vegetables and fruits

Ans (B)

Q.3     The battle of Mahabharata is believed to have been fought at Kurukshetra for?

(SSC 2009)

(A)      14 days                                 (B)      16 days

(C)       18 days                                 (D)      20 days

Ans (C)

Q.4     Who among the following wrote Sanskrit Grammar? (SSC 2010)

(A)      Kalidasa                                (B)      Charaka

(C)       Panini                                    (D)      Aryabhatt

Ans (C)

Q.5     Which river has no mention in Rigaveda? (SSC 2010)

(A)      Sindhu                                   (B)      Saraswati

(C)       Yamuna                                (D)      Periyar

Ans (D)

Q.6     which of the following is the major impact of vadic culture on Indian History?

(SSC 2006)

(A)      Progress of philosophy                           (B)      Development of culture

(C)       Rigidification of caste system              (D)      Perception of a new world

Ans (C)

Q.7     In which language was the “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita” o0riginally written? (SSC 2006)

(A)      Sanskrit                    (B)      Apabhramsa

(C)       Prakrit                       (D)      Pali

Ans (A)

Q.8     Purushasukta is founded in the? (SSC 2006)

(A)      Bhagavad Gita                    (B)      Rigaveda

(C)       Manusmriti                         (D)      Atharvaveda

Ans (B)

Q.9     The hymns of “Rigaveda ”are the work of? (SSC 2007)

(A)      One Author             (B)      Four Author

(C)       Seven Author         (D)      Many Author

Ans (D)

Q.10   The Government of India has decided to declare which of the following fivers as “National River”? (SSC 2009)

(A)      Ganga                                    (B)      Yamuna

(C)       kaveri                                                (D)      none of these

Ans (A)

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