G.S Quiz 13 August 2016 (English)


G.S Quiz 13 August 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q 1. Who among the following is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?

(a) Le Corbousier

(b) Pupul Jayakar

(c) Nek Chand

(d) Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

Ans.(c) Nek Chand

Q 2. Which country has given asylum to Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder?

(a) Russia

(b) Ecuador

(c) Cuba

(d) None of these

Ans.(b) Ecuador

Q 3. Who among the following Union Ministers in the UPA-II Govetnment resigned for reasons not connected with charges of corruption?

(a) A. Raja                                                                               (b) Dayanidhi

(c) Dinesh Trivedi                                                       (d) Virbhadra Singh

Ans.(a) A. Raja


Q 4. Late Girilal Jain was a noted figure in which of the following fields?

(a) Literature

(b) Journalism

(c) Politics

(d) Social Service

Ans.(b) Journalism

Q 5. Dr. V. Kurien has distinguished himself in which of the following areas?

(a) Poultry  farms

(b) Economic Reforms

(c) Dairy development

(d) Atomic Energy

Ans.(c) Dairy development

Q 6. In which one of the following films did Pran act as a character artist and not in the role of a villain?

(a) Madhumati

(b) Himalaya Ki Godh Mein

(c) Ram aur Shyam

(d) Zanjeer

Ans.(d) Zanjeer

Q 7. Who is known as Indian Bismarck?

(a) Nehru                                                                                (b) Rajaji

(c) Patel                                                                                      (d) Kamraj

Ans.(c) Patel

Q 8. The first Indian  to swim across English Channel was   ?

(a) P.K. Banerji                                                                                (b) Mihir Sen

(c) V. Merchant                                                             (d) Arati Saha

Ans.(b)Mihir  Sen

Q.9     Which of the following can a Court issue for enforcement of fundamental rights?

(SSC  CGL 2002)

(1)       A Decree                                          (2)       An Ordinance

(3)       A Writ                                               (4)       A Notification

Answer (3)


Q.10   Under the Directive principles of state policy  up to what age of the children they are expected to be provided free and compulsory education? (SSC CGL 2002)

(1)       14 Years                   (2)       15 Years

(3)       16 Years                   (4)       18 Years

Answer (1)

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