G.S Quiz 13 July , 2016

G.S Quiz  13 July , 2016

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     Banabhatta was the fourt pert of which emperor?

(1)       Vikramaditya                      (2)       Kumaragupta

(3)       Harshavardhana                (4)       Kanishka

Ans. (3)

Q.2     The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian navy in the arabuan Sea was?(SSC 1999)

(1)       Rajaraja I                  (2)       Rajendra I

(3)       Rajadhiraja  I           (4)       Kulottunga I

Ans. (1)

Q.3     Japan’s parliament is known as? (SSC 2008)

(1)       Diet                            (2)       Dail

 (3)      Yuan                          (4)      Shora

Ans. (1)

Q.4     The currency of Thailand is? (SSC 2008)

(1)       Bhat                           (2)       Rupiah

 (3)      Yuan                          (4)      Yen

Ans. (1)

Q.5     In which state is the religious festival ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ celebrated with gusto?

(SSC 2006)

(1)       Rajasthan                 (2)       Gujarat

 (3)      Maharashtra           (4)      M.P

Ans. (3)

Q.6     Which of the following language has been given the status of classical language by central government? (SSC 2011)

(1)       Gujarati                    (2)       Tamil

 (3)      Marathi                    (4)      Malayalam

Ans. (2)

Q.7     Which one of the following planets has no moon? (SSC 2006)

(1)       Mars                          (2)       Neptune

 (3)      Mercury                   (4)      Pluto

Ans. (3)

Q.8     Which one of the following is called a red planet? (SSC 2006)

(1)       Venus                        (2)       Mercury

 (3)      Mars                          (4)      Jupiter

Ans. (3)

Q.9     Which of the following cities lies to the western most longitude? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Jaipur                                    (2)       Nagpur

 (3)      Bhopal                      (4)      Hyderabad

Ans. (1)

Q.10   Which one of the following river flows through a rift valley? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Godavari                  (2)       Narmada

 (3)      Krishna                     (4)      Mahanadi

Ans. (2)

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