G.K Quiz 9th January 2017

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1      The currency of Thailand is? (SSC 2008)

(1)        Bhat                                        (2)        Rupiah

(3)        Yuan                                        (4)        Yen

Ans. (1)

Q.2      1911 Revolution of China resulted in? (SSC 2000)

(1)        Establishment of a Republic                                     (2)        Reudalism

(3)        Democracy                                                     (4)        Increased problems of people

Ans. (1)

Q.3      East Timor, in Indonesian Archipelago, was the former colony of? (SSC 2000)

(1)        Dutch                                      (2)        English

(3)        French                                     (4)        Portuguese

Ans. (4)

Q.4      How was Burma  (Now Mayanmar) known to ancient Indians? (SSC 2005)

(1)        Malayamandalam                  (2)        Yavadwipa

(3)        Suvarnabhumi                       (4)        Suvarnadwipa

Ans. (3)

Q.5      With whom is ‘Junagarh Rock Inscription’ associated? (SSC 2005)

(1)        Rudradaman                          (2)        Bimbisara

(3)        Chandragupta II                     (4)        Gautamiputra Satakarni

Ans. (1)

Q.6      The darkest portion of the shadow cast during an eclipse is? (SSC 2014)

(1)        Corona                                                            (2)        Umbra

(3)        Penumbra                                          (4)        Black Hole

Ans. (2)

Q.7      The chief advocate of fascism was? (SSC 1999)

(1)        Mussolini                                            (2)        Rousseau

(3)        Hegel                                                   (4)        Plato

Ans. (1)

Q.8      Whose teachings inspired the French revolution? (SSC 2000)

(1)        Locke                                                  (2)        Rousseau

(3)        Hegel                                                   (4)        Robert Owen

Ans. (2)

Q.9      Which two country were involved in a Hundred Years War? (SSC 2004)

(1)        Turkey and Austria                                        (2)        England and France

(3)        Palestine and Israel                                       (4)        Germany and Russia

Ans. (2)

Q.10    Weterloo is located in? (SSC 2004)

(1)        Battle of Wandiwash                                    (2)        Battle of Buxar

(3)        Battle of Plassey                                (4)        Battle of Adyar

Ans. (1)

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