G.K Quiz 7 September 2016 (English)

G.K  Quiz 7 September 2016 (English)

BY; D.K. Choudhary

Q 1. The majority of Earth’s crust is composed of which rock ?

(a) Igneous                            (b) Metamorphic

(c) Sedimentary                    (d) Carbonate

Ans. (c)

Q 2. Metamorphic rocks are those derived from ?

(a) Igneous rocks                 (b) Seldimentary rocks

(c) Both                  (d) Neither igneous nor sedimentary

Ans. (c)

Q 3. Which of the following statements is not true in respect of sedimentary rocks ?

(a) the particles of rocks are sometimes completely of organic origin.

(b) The rocks are non – crystalline

(c) They are rocks whose structure is determined by great pressure of heat

(d) The rocks hve been deposited in layers

Ans (b)

Q 4. Mechanically formed sedimentary rocks are ?

(a) Chalk                                (b) Coral

(c) Graved                              (d) Borax

Ans. (c)

Q 5. Tin is example is ?

(a) Ingeous ore deposit      (b) Selimentary ore deposit

(c) Metamorphic ore deposit    (d) Alluvial deposit

Ans. (d)

Q 6. Which of the followingstatemets is true about igneous rock ?

(a) They have little amount of fossils

(b) They are porous of water

(c) They are crystalline as well as non- non crystalline

(d) These rocks do not contain silica.

Ans. (c)

Q 7. Which of the following is true about sedimentary rock ?

(a) They are rocks whose structure is contingent on heat and pressure

(b) The rocks are crustalline

(c) The rocks have been deposited in layers

(d) The rocks cannot be formed under water

Ans. (c)

Q 8. Open folds are those in which the angle berween the two limbs of the fold is ?

(a) more than 90 degree but less than 180 degree

(b) more than 75 degree but less than 150 degree

(c) more than 45 degree but less than 90 degree

(d) more than 120 degree but less than 210 degree

Ans. (c)

Q 9. Among the following elements, which one is in the highest amount in the composition of basalt rock ?

(a) Aluminum                       (b) Calcium

(c) Iron                                   (d) Silicon

Ans. (d)

Q 10. Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediments become compressed and cemented together in a process known as ?

(a) Crystallisation                 (b) Sedimentation

(c) Solidificaton                    (d) Lithification

Ans. (b)

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