G.K Quiz 6th August 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
1. Candida is the molecule - of light intensity

2. What is the primary unit of temperature - Kelvin

3. Fireworks have red color - caused by strontium carbonate

4. Tomatoes have red color - causes of lycopene

5. Given the rule of inertia - the Galetians

6. Ozone saves the layer - from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun

7. Mercury is the most distinctive feature of the planet - it has a magnetic field

8. The cloud of methane gas is covered around which planet - Varun
9. What is the reason for having a spherical shape of a drop of fluid - page stress

10 In which sound velocity is minimal - in the air

11 Which is the fastest growing plant - eucalyptus

12 Who is in the house - in the cave

13 Which pulses are good sources - proteins

14 Where is the juice flavored by the liver, stored in the cadaver

15 Acid present in lemon and orange - citric acid

16 The first synthetic fiber manufactured by humans - nylon
17 What happens in gene-transformation - DNA In

18 The main ingredient in the bones and teeth is calcium

19 'Turquoise' - from beryllium

20 Called 'twin mineral' - lead and zinc

21 'Lunar caustic' Whose compound is - Silver

22 The term 'CAT' used by doctors means 'scan' - computerized xial tomography

23 Cotton is obtained - by seed

24 Which substance is the free radical fluid - ammonia

25 Where are flat-bones - in the skull

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