G.K Quiz 29 July, 2016 (English)

G.K Quiz 29 July, 2016 (English)

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1     What is the animal of the insignia of the RBI? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Lion                            (2)       Tiger

(3)       Panther                    (4)       Elephant

Ans. (2)

Q.2     The main source of revenue for a State Government in India is? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Sales Tax                  (2)       Excise duty

(3)       Income Tax              (4)       Property Tax

Ans. (1)

Q.3     Enterpreneurial  Ability is a special king of labour that? (SSC 2003)

(1)       is hired out to firms at high wages

(2)       organizes the process of production

(3)       produces new capital goods to earn interest

(4)       Manages to avoid losses by continual innovation

Ans. (2)

Q.4     Transfer earning or alternative cost is otherwise known as? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Variable cost                                  (2)       implicit cost

(3)       Explicit cost                                                (4)       Opportunity cost (Economic cost)

Ans. (4)

Q.5     Demand of commodity mainly depends upon? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Purchasing will                              (2)       Purchasing power

(3)       Tax policy                                         (4)       Advertisement

Ans. (2)

Q.6     Equilibrium price means? (SSC 2004)

(1)       Price determined by demand and supply

(2)       Price determined by cost and profit

(3)       Price determined by cost of production

(4)       Price determined to maximize profit

Ans. (1)

Q.7     What is the minimum escape velocity of rocket to be launched into space? (SSC 1997)

(1)       5 Km. / Sec                          (2)       6 Km. / Sec

(3)       11 Km. / Sec                        (4)       15 Km. / Sec

Ans. (3)

Q.8     Which of the following Statements is true when we see “Rainbow”? (SSC 1997)

(1)       We face sun and raindrops                    .

(2)       The sun remains behind us and we face raindrops.

(3)       In light rainfall, we face sun.

(4)       The Sky remains clear and the sun is at lower position in the sky.

Ans. (2)

Q.9     How much calorie of energy is released by a boiled egg? (SSC 1997)

(1)       40                               (2)       50      

(3)       60                               (4)       77

Ans. (4)

Q.10   The splitting of different colours of light in a prism is? (SSC 1999)

(1)       Reflection of light                                     (2)       Disperson of light

(3)       Diffraction of light                                                (4)       Refraction of light

Ans. (2)

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