G.K Quiz 27th  December 2016

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1      Which of the following is the largest living bird? (SSC 1999)

(1)        Eagle                                                   (2)        Peacock

(3)        Ostrich                                                (4)        Kiwi

Ans. (3)

Q.2      In the case of tube babies? (SSC 1999)

(1)        Egg is fertilized in the uterus.

(2)        Embryo completes its development in a test tube.

(3)        Embryo is placed in uterus after 2 months.

(4)        Egg is fertilized outside mother’s body.

Ans. (3)

Q.3      The age of trees is determined by its? (SSC 1999)

(1)        Girth                                       (2)        Height

(3)        Growth rings                          (4)        General Appearance

Ans. (3)

Q.4      What is the organization’s introductory web page called? (SSC 2002)

(1)        Portal                                      (2)        Vortal

(3)        Homepage                              (4)        Website

Ans. (4)

Q.5      The first computer language developed was?

(1)        COBOL                                                 (2)        BASIC

(3)        FORTRAN                                            (4)        PASCAL

Ans. (3)

Q.6      Who among the following developed World Wide Web (WWW) which gave a new type of  information exhibition? (SSC  2003)

(1)        Bob Cohen                                          (2)        Tim Berners-Lee

(3)        Robert Morris Jr.                               (4)        Michel Derstuses

Ans. (2)

Q.7      When did China start the Civil Service examinations? (SSC 1997)

(1)        6 A.D.                                                  (2)        1905

(3)        1920                                                    (4)        1949

Ans. (1)

Q.8      Who was the first calipha? (SSC 2001)

(1)        Abu Bakr                                (2)        Suliaman the Great

(3)        Iman Hussain                          (4)        Costantine

Ans. (1)

Q.9      In which country is Karabla, the holy city of Shia Muslims located? (SSC 2005)

(1)        Iran                                         (2)        Iraq

(3)        Jordan                                     (4)        Syria

Ans. (2)

Q.10    The city of  “Tashkent ” is located in? (SSC 2005)

(1)        Uzbekistan                                          (2)        Kazakhstan

(3)        Russia                                                  (4)        Kyrgystan

Ans. (1)

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