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G.K Quiz 25th July 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
 1. What was the port city of the Indus Valley Civilization? Lothal
 2.  Who is considered the father of sitar and tabla? Amir Khusro
 3. Which is the world's highest plateau? Plateau of Pamir or Tibet
4.  Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission? Prime minister
5.  Which gas is used in the manufacture of vegetable ghee? Hydrogen
6.  Who was the first Indian to cross the English Channel? Mihir San
7.  How many watt is an horse power? 746 watt
8.  What is the reason for the water drop drops? Dorsal stress
9.  What is the man-made first filament? Nylon
10.  Is there a distance between the listener and the reflector to hear a clear echo? 17 meters
11.  In which medium does light move the highest? Vacuum
12.  Which color of light is the most scattered? Violet
13.  Which mirror is used in the vehicle's headlight? Concave
14.  Why do the stars in the sky shimmer? Reasons for refraction of light
15.  Who is the primary color? Red, green, blue
16.  Which gas is filled in the airplane tires? Helium
17.  Which metal is a mixture of stitched metal or solder? Tin and lead
18.  Glaucoma disease is related to which part of body? eye
19.  What is the name of the world's first woman Astronaut? Valentina Tereshkova
20.  Who was the author of the book 'Origin of Species by Natural Selection'? Charles Darwin
21.  Which metal ore is a cinebar? Mercury or mercury
22.  Which instrument is used to measure the quantity of water in milk? Lactometer
23.  "Hydrogen bomb" is based on what principle? Nuclear fusion
24.  Palaagra disease is caused by the lack of vitamins? Vitamin B-3
25.  Whose fat is in the liver-oil of the fish? Vitamin D


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