G.K Quiz 23rd July 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
Question: - What important metal is used with Iron in making stainless steel?
Ans: - Chromium

Question: - The electric current of the electric bulb starts to shine by stream, but the wire 
carrying the stream does not shine. What is the reason for this?
Ans: - The resistance of the fiber is more than the wires

Question: - How many watts are there in an horse power?
Ans: - 746 watt

Question: - Which of the following is the subdivision?
Ans: - Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth

Question: Which of the following inert gas is not found in the environment?
Ans: - Argon
Question: - Which of the following is compound?
Ans: - Ammonia
Question: - In which of the following enzymes are not found?
Ans: - Virus

Question: - Whom did Edward Jenner discover?
Ans: - smallpox vaccine

Question: - What is the reason for getting AIDS?
Ans: - Lack of T-4 lymphocytes

Question: - What is AIDS virus?
Ans: - A list RNA

Question: - What cell wall cellar is made of?
Ans: - Cellulose
Question: - Red color of the Red Sea is due to the presence of which of the following?
Ans: - algae

Question: - Eating some weeds from avian disease can be avoided, because it is found in
Ans: -Iodine

Question: - Who discovered penicillin?
Ans: - Alexander Fleming

Question: - Which of the following are indicative of licensing?
Ans: - Air Pollution

Question: - Who gets Kunan from?
Ans: - from cincona

Question: - What is the eatable portion of cauliflower?
Ans: - Inflorescence


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