G.K Quiz 21st July 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. What is the terrestrial border of India? 15200 km

2. How much is the expansion of India from East to West? 2933 kms

3. When did the Constituent Assembly adopt the flag of flag as national flag? On July 22, 1947

4. When did the Constituent Assembly declare the 'Jana-Gan-Mana' national anthem? On January 24, 1950

5. Where is the 'Khuda Baksh' library? Patna

6. In 1784 who founded the 'Asiatic Society' in Kolkata? William Jones

7. When were nationalization of banks? In 1969
8. By which constitution amendment made education fundamental rights for children of 6-14 years of age? 86th

9. What fundamental rights were removed by 44th Amendment? Right to property

10. What is the 23.5 degree North latitude line? Tropic of Cancer

11. The Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated? 7 December

12. By what name is the Indo-Pak border line called? Red cliff line

13. Where is the only active volcano in India? Baron Island (Andaman Nicobar)

14. Which Indian state has two capitals? Jammu and Kashmir
15. Which US state was bought from Russia in 1867? Alaska

16. World Disabled Day is celebrated when? December 3

17. Which game is related to Hopman Cup? Tennis

18. Who is the first Chief Minister of the newly formed Telangana state? Chandrasekhar Rao

19. Which is the Gulf of India-Sri Lanka? Bay of Mannar

20. Which is the highest peak of the Aravali Range? Guru peak


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