G.K Quiz 14th September 2016 (English)

G.K Quiz 14th September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q  1. A nautical mile is equal to ?

(a) 5060 feet                 (b) 5280 feet

(c) 6060 feet                 (d) 6080 feet

Ans. (b)


Q  2. The most important fishing grounds of the world are found in the regions where ?

(a) warm and cold atmospheric currents meet

(b) river drain out large amounts of freshwater into the sea

(c) warm and cold oceanic currents meet

(d) continental shelf is undulating

Ans. (c)

Q  3. Which one of the following is a warm ocean current

(a) Labrador                  (b) Gulf Stream

(c) Kurile                        (d) Canary

Ans. (b)

Q  4. Which one of the following ocean currents mixes with Labrador current ?

(a) Canaries current     (b) Benguela current

(c) Florida current        (d) California current

Ans. (c)

Q  5. The Eastward continuation of the Brazil current is called ?

(a)North Atlantic drift  (b) South Atlantic drift

(c) West Atlantic drift (d) Counter Equatorial drift

Ans. (b)

Q  6. Periodic movement of the sea water is known as ?

(a) Tides                         (b) Waves

(c) Current                     (d) Tsunami

Ans. (a)

Q  7. The tides are primarily caused by ?

(a) gravitational forces of the moon

(b) gravitational force of the sun

(c) gravitational forces of the earth

(d) none of these

Ans. (a)



Q  8. Tidal range is quite high ?

(a) in equatorial regions of ocean

(b) in shallow continental shelves

(c) in narrow estuaries

(d) around island

Ans. (c)

Q  9. Which of the following current is produced by upwelling of cold water ?

(a) Labrador current    (b) Kurasiwo current

(c) Brazilian current     (d) Benzuela current

Ans. (d)

Q  10. Currents which flow from lower latitudes to higher latitudes are ?

(a) Cool current            (b) Upwelling current

(c) Tidal current            (d) Warm curent

Ans. (d)


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