G.K Quiz 13th September 2016 (English)

G.K Quiz 13th September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q  1. The coastline formed by the submergenece of mountain ridges running parallel to the coast is known as

(a)Dalmation coast      (b) Ria coast

(c) Fiord coast               (d) Haff coast

Ans. (a)

Q  2. Oceanic waves causd by an earthquake are known as ?

(a) S-waves                    (b) L-waves

(c) P-waves                    (d) Tsunamis

Ans. (d)

Q  3. A submarine mountain rising more than 1000 meters above the ocean floor is known as ?

(a) sea mount               (b) abyssal hill

(c) guyots                      (d) submarine ridge

Ans. (a)

Q  4. The ocean relief is generally ?

(a) more diverse than that of the continents

(b) more uniform than that of the continents

(c) showing minor variations only

(d) not much of a significance

Ans. (b)

Q  5. Water bodies which have low concentration of nutrients are in ?

(a) Littoral zones          (b) Oligotrophic areas

(c) Neritic province      (d) Benthos zone

Ans. (b)

Q  6. The coastline formed by the submergence of mountain  ridges running parallel to the coast is known as ?

(a) Dalmation Coast    (b) Ria Cost

(c) Flord Coast              (d) Haff Coast

Ans. (a)

Q  7. The deepest oceanic trench Mariana is located in ?

(a) Atlantic Ocean        (b) Arctic Ocean

(c) Pacific Ocean           (d) Indian Ocean

Ans. (c)

Q  8. Which one of the following sequences of ocean trenches is correct in terms of the ascending order of their depths ?

(a) Aleutian Trench- Mindanao Trench- New Herbides Trench

(b) New Herbides Trench- Mindanao Trench- Aleurtian Trench

(c) Aleurtian Trench- New Herbides Trench- Mindanao Trench

(d) New Herbides Trench- Aleurtian Trench- Mindanao Trench

Ans. (c)

Q  9. Sargasso Sea is Characterized by ?

(a) Very cold water

(b) Very warm water

(c) Highly saline water

(d) Typical marine vegetation

Ans. (d)

Q  10. ‘Water table’  refers to ?

(a) The lower limit  of the zone of saturation

(b) The upper limit of the zone of saturation

(c) Seepage of water into fissures lying underground

(d) The contact zone of the permeable and impermeable rocks

Ans. (b)

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