G.K Quiz 13th August 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. Which soil is formed from the flow of lava - black soil
2. Which soil is rich in bio-material - Black soil
3. Which soil is formed by the fragmentation of basalt rock - black soil
4. Which soil does not require irrigation for agriculture- black soil
5. Where is the expansion of Lala dirt in India? Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu
6. In which soil the iron and aluminum particles are found - in the latrite soil
7. Which soil is suitable for paddy cultivation - loam soil
8. How to stop soil erosion - by planting forest
9. What is the main basis of any country's agriculture - the soil of that country
10.How many types of soil are found in India- 8
11.What is the most important soil of India - alluvial soil
12.The new alluvial soil is known by other names - Khadar Mitti
13.In which soil potash is the highest in the soil - alluvial soil
14.What is the second name of black soil - red soil
15.Black soil is most useful for the crop - cotto
16.The 'red color' of red clay is caused by - due to iron oxide
17.Iron and silica are most commonly found in which soil - latrite soil
18.What is the most suitable soil for tea cultivation - Latrite soil
19.How many percent of all the parts of India are alluvial soil - 24%
20.Which state is most commonly known as Reigurd soil - in Maharashtra


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