G.K In English 25th April 2018

1. Which is the driest place Rajasthan ?
Ans. – Phalodi 

2. Which river separates the  Banswada and  Dungarpur in Rajasthan ?
Ans. – Mahi River
3. Where the Barethha dam is located in Rajasthan?
Ans. – Bharatpur

4. On which river chuliya prapt is located ?
Ans. – Chambal
5. Where is the origin of the river Luni?
Ans. – Come Sea 
6. In which district is the largest forests in Rajasthan?
Ans. – Udaipur 

7. Desert afforestation and soil conservation center is located where?
Ans. – Jodhpur

8. Rajsthan ka in terms of earnings in the mining sector in the country Konsa place?
Ans. – Eighth
9. Konsa district in Rajasthan is the largest producer of manganese Htu?
Ans. – Banswada
10. The country’s only tungsten mine is located in the State?
Ans. – Degana Nagaur
11. Rajasthan is one of the most Felspar from which district?
Ans. – Ajmer
12. Mmando the PAL (Dungarpur), which is famous for mineral?
Ans. – Florait
13. Jamr Kotda area in which district?
Ans. – Udaipur
14. Rajasthan is the largest gypsum deposits where?
Ans. – Jamsar (Bikaner)
15. Diamond deposits were discovered in Rajasthan where?
Ans. – Kesrpura [Cittodgd]
16. Bentonait where the stores are located in Rajasthan?
17. Sonu (Jaisalmer), which is famous for mineral?
Ans. – Limestone
18. Yellow building stones have been found in what area?
Ans. – Jaisalmer
19. Konsa mineral sales price is the highest earner in Rajasthan?
Ans. – Marble
20. Where is the biggest mine of lead in Rajasthan?
Ans. – Javar
21. Black stone is found in abundance in Rajasthan?
Ans. – Sirohi
22. What percent of the country is derived from the asbestos mines of Rajasthan?
Ans. – 98%
23. Garnet is found in most?
Ans. – In Tonk
24. When Flood was introduced Opresn?
Ans. – 1970
25. When DDP was launched?
Ans. – 1977-78

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