G.K In English Rajasthan Special 01st July 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. In which district is the 33rd district of Pratapgarh situated in Rajasthan?
2. Which city is given the status of Textile Exporter Nagar?
3. Which sanctuary is there to preserve the species of khangals?
► National Chamble Sanctuary
4. Is the name of the first woman president of Rajasthan Assembly?
►-Mrs. Sumitra Singh (Jhunjhunun)
5. Is the basis for keeping any state in the category of sick state?
► Infant & maternity rates
6. In general, how many climatic zones are Rajasthan divided?
► Five
7. What is the state's Andhra Pradesh district?
8. When was the announcement of new forest policy in the state?
► February 18, 2010
9. Who has been awarded the Magsaysay Award for campaigning for the Right to Information Act?
►-Aruna Roy
10. Where is the oldest Dairy Padma of Rajasthan located?
11. Are the iron men of Rajasthan considered?
►-Damodarlal Vya
12. Which of the towns in Rajasthan is below the level of the river belt near him?
13. Which of the districts of Kirk Line passes through Rajasthan?
►-Banswara and Dungarpur
14. Is the height of Gurushikh?
►-1722 meters
15. Which districts of Rajasthan have no river?
►Bikaner and Churu
16. Is Coalite lake?
17. According to the 2011 census, Rajasthan has total population density?
►-200 people / square km
18. Compilation of the last animal wealth of Rajasthan?
►-In 2007
19. When was the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Limited established?
► April 1, 1979
20. What is the percentage of geographical area of ​​Rajasthan?
►-7 to 9 percent

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