G.K In English Quiz 26th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary


1- Hepatitis – B (hepatitis B) which affects the liver is actually a virus.


2- The pancreatic is the second largest part of the human body and it is both endocrine and exocrine type of gland.


3- Leaves of one-seeded plants are narrower, whereas the leaves of Dibbism leaves are wide.


4- Cryogenics can be used to preserve marrow cells, in extremely low blood flow operation, and in the preservation of food.

5- Process of both types of micro and large organisms is called anaerobic respiration, only the action that occurs in the micro-organisms is called fermentation.


6 The upper upper part of the abdominal human intestine is called the housewife (Duodinum).


7- Blood glucose levels are commonly expressed in parts per million (ppm).


8-octopus is a molecule.


9- If the water pollution continues at the present moment then the oxygen molecules will eventually become unavailable for water plants.

10- In light of photosynthesis, light energy changes into chemical energy.


11- Chiranogames soil is the dense soil of the world.


12- Cancer cells are destroyed rapidly by radiations as compared to normal cells, because the cell division is in sharp speed.


13- Use of bio-conservation protection is more effective in preserving plant variety.


14- Most of the time, the use of animal cell culture technology is in the vaccine production.

15- The Center for Plantation of Artificial Pacemakers will be Cyanutrialone.


16- The most important genetic separation for the origin of any race.


17- The absence of life on the Moon is the absence of oxygen.


18- LDV is a hallucinogenic.


19- Blood circulation is not available in the human brain.


20- Endocrine reticulum cell correlates with glycosylation of the protein.

21- The study of gerontology aged stage is called.


22- Pantagas are useful in detecting land mines.


23- Study of vegetable science is called olearculture.


24- Yeast and mushroom are fungus (fry).


25- The leaf section of the plant breathes.





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