G.K In English 31st May 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1. What is the basis of classification of elements in the periodic table of delielf? - atomic mass
2. Which minerals were obtained from radium? - pitch bland
3. What is the useful computational element in photography? - Silver bromide
4. What is mainly the polluted gas emitted from the vehicles? - carbon monoxide
5. What is a great source of methane gas in India? - Paddy field
6. What is the most popular urea in the human body? - in urine
7. Which part of the cell is converted into energy of food? - mitochondria
8. Which scientist did the 'cell theory'? - Schliden and Schwann
9. What is found in uracil? - RNA In
10. What is the source of light in the electron microscope? - electron ray
11. Peptide bonds are present in between? - amino acids
12. Where does the synthesis of the protein occur? - ribosomes
13. Transformers are used? - Bypassing or deleting AC voltages
14. Which tissue is responsible for secondary growth? - cambium
15. In India what are the 'Norman Vorlog' famous for? - For Green Revolution
16. Which tissue does the transport of water in plants? - jylem
17. Cotton fibers are found in which part of the plant? - Romantics on seeds
18. In which of the following 'respiratory origin' is found in a plant? - jusya
19. What is commonly known as sandalwood? - Partial origin parasite
20. Who is pollinated by sugarcane and wheat? - by air

21. Which emission is used to measure the sound in the water? D. Hydrophone
22. Which instrument is used to measure the pressure of gases? Monometer

23. Who was the first Nobel Prize awarded to science science? - J. H. Venthawk

24. Who discovered the proton? - Goldstein
25. What is the mass number of the nucleus? - Number of nuclei in the nucleus

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