G.K in English 31st March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1- Which Schedule of Indian Constitution describes the distribution of seats of the State Council? Fourth
2- Hemis Gumpa festival, which is internationally famous, belongs to which state? Jammu and Kashmir
3- Phahyan came to India during whose reign? Chandragupta II
4- Which day is celebrated as World Environment Day? 5th June
5- What is the cause of malaria in the human body? Mosquito
6. Which Indian state is considered the origin of polo game? Manipur
7- In the context of Article 371 of the Constitution of India, which of the following governors has special responsibility regarding the law and order of the state? Nagaland
8- Where is the National Institute of Ocean Technology located?
9- Who created the words 'dictatorship of the proletariat'? Karl Marx
In order to preside over the Congress in 10th-1939, who named Mahatma Gandhi against Subhash Chandra Bose? Pattabhi Sitarmaya
11- Which vitamin is rich in guava? Vitamin C
12-How do the Paint Industry workers face the risk of pollution? Lead pollution
13- Which is the deepest point on the ocean surface? Challenger Island
14- Who gave the first proof of Big Bang theory?
15- What is the wheel used between two standard buttons on the mouse?
16-M.S. in the Territorial Army Which honorary degree has been given to Dhoni? Lieutenant Colonel
17- In which year did Kanishka climb on the throne? 78 AD
18-Rajghat in Delhi is the place of Samadhi? Mahatma Gandhi
19th Kathakali is the main dance of which state?
20- When was the second official language of Urdu in Uttar Pradesh declared?
21- What is the provision related to the Panchayati Raj system in which Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
22 - Which musical instrument was related to Ustad Bismillah Khan?
23- What information about Buddhist scriptures gives information about sixteen Mahajanapadas?
24- Which is the world's first computer network? ARPANET
25- Which instrument is used to locate the submerged object in the sea? Sonar

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